///5 simple ways to embrace Caribbean culture for a next trip
  • 5 simple ways to embrace Caribbean culture for a next trip

5 simple ways to embrace Caribbean culture for a next trip

One of the secrets of world adventurers is not to limit with the tourism tips, but to go further and make deeper research on the culture and lifestyle of your future destination, this way you could feel a little more confidence once you arrive and very important, avoid disgusting surprises.

With the next helpful tips, you could be prepared to embrace the Caribbean culture and get ready for your next trip to one of the best cruise destinations in the world.

1) Look into the past to enjoy the present

Most of the island’s residents are descendants of African slaves who arrived during the conquest period mainly to work in the sugar harvest, but once slavery was abolished, they remained in this beautiful tropical paradise.

Although the ancient settlers were Mayans, Tainos, and Kalinagos, they were abolished by European conquerors since the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492, at which time certain settlers from the old continent joined, including from the Spanish themselves to the English, French, Dutch, and Portuguese.

The mix of cultures has been such that today there are people of different origins such as Indians, Chinese, American Indians, etc., resulting in a varied culture with rich customs and traditions reflected in their art, gastronomy, music, clothing, religion and endless unique colors and flavors of the world-famous Caribbean islands.

2) Feel free to join the rhythm

Not just the warm body movements, but also the happiness and a calm breath in the air, seem to set the pace of life of the Caribbeans. All this panorama of sentiments is reflected in the different musical rhythms that came from the islands that have conquered the entire globe, we are speaking about rhythms like rumba, danzon, soca, calypso, kompa, salsa, ska, dancehall, reggae and most recently reggaeton.

If you think you are not a good dancer, whenever you visit the islands you must feel free to join the feeling of dropping your body with the Caribbean spirit of celebration.

5 simple ways to embrace Caribbean culture for a next trip

5 simple ways to embrace Caribbean culture for a next trip

3) Eat a variety of flavors

Probably you can imagine that because of the sea life at the islands, locals just eat seafood, they do at a pretty delicious way, but the Caribbean cuisine is known for an abundance of condiments and spices, along with the central use of fresh ingredients also including chicken, pork and beef. There is a great usage of endemic ingredients that could be the secret of that flavor, such as fruits like ackee, guava and plantain, and vegetables like yam or herbs like sorrel.

Main meals are the perfect excuse to get together with the entire family, beginning in the kitchen with several hands preparing the food and continuing with large tables for several hours of conversation.

4) Get prepared to know different spiritual customs

Regarding all the mixed cultural heritage between the colonizing European nations, the African slaves, and the indigene natives, the Caribbean islands gather multiple religious beliefs and spiritual customs. Some of them practiced in other countries like Catholicism and Protestantism mostly, as well as of Judaism and Hinduism but with minor presence; and some others that are kept almost exclusively locally like Santeria in Cuba, the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica, Vudu in Haiti and Spiritualism in Puerto Rico.

5) Watch the Secrets of the Caribbean TV program

Ana García and Nick Smith host a different type of travel television program that focuses on the history, culture, food, and music through the intimacy of the Caribbean people.

You will know every corner of the islands in this adventure aboard the historic S/V Mandalay, a three-masted cruising yacht built in 1923 with teak decks and original woodwork throughout. With up to 58 passengers and about 24 crew members, this tall ship cruise for one or two weeks exploring the Caribbean.

You can watch SOC in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean on Black News Channel (BNC), One Caribbean Television, or SSN-TV.

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