///Meet the MINI family: five cars, one spirit
  • Meet the MINI family five cars, one spirit

Meet the MINI family: five cars, one spirit

We know it, you are a MINI lover! However, you may not have discovered which your ideal MINI is. Let us introduce you to all family members who share the same spirit, authentic go-kart feeling, and the iconic design that has given MINI it´s worldwide popularity placing it as one of the most important cars of the century.

Our five family members have different personalities that could match your own. Besides that, you can have a highly personalized vehicle as MINI is well known as the most customizable car brand in the market.

Meet all MINI family members and get more in love



Meet the MINI family MINI 3-DOOR HATCH

For those looking for a driving experience that keeps a high-speed essence and urban personality. The charisma and impeccable manners this MINI possess will make each ride an adventure behind the wheel.

Drive the original and most famous MINI model, in a modern version with the advantages of today’s innovation and technology.

The MINI 3-Door hatch is faster, feistier, and more fun than ever.



Meet the MINI family MINI 5-DOOR HATCH

Giving an extra space to the classic model, this 5-door urban vehicle filled with an impeccable attitude with enough room for any situation. The design allows a perfect balance between comfort and speed without sacrificing that agile go-kart handling. Your customization options are almost endless.

MINI 5-door hatch is proudly urban and big in personality.



Meet the MINI family MINI convertible

The same essence, different energy. Driving the MINI Convertible will stimulate your senses and give you a boost of joy on the road. For those who need unlimited space to carry out all their summer dreams in one place.

The MINI Convertible is packed with impulse and energy for an open-minded such as him.



Meet the MINI family MINI clubman

Meet the most versatile and sophisticated MINI ever seen on the streets. The experience of being behind its steering wheels is unmatched by expanding all horizons. Inside you will find the right space for all the luggage you need, ideal for those trips that go out of the plan. A perfect car for all reasons and all seasons.

Open more doors with the MINI Clubman.



Meet the MINI family MINI countryman

Its off-road ability keeps him ready to continue where others can´t get. The only one who can stop him is you. The driving experience is maintained and those characteristic good manners over the city, terrain, or sand, never disappear. Decide freely whatever the path, so that you come back with many stories to tell.

Regardless of the choice you make, you will not regret it, as any of them will follow you with a powerful spirit. Get your own at minilat.com

Once you put your hands on the wheel of a MINI, you will not want to drive any other.

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