///10 contemporary Caribbean artists you must know
  • 10 contemporary Caribbean artists you must know

10 contemporary Caribbean artists you must know

Even when Caribbean art has its own established style, some aspects are setting the difference for contemporary artists, such as the multicultural origins of the Caribbean culture, the huge amount of visitors from any kind of culture, and a good international projection of these performers.

Over the last years, countries like the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Senegal, Colombia, Chile, and Guatemala, have collaborated with contemporary Caribbean artists to reach the entire world through the walls of their museums and galleries, and most importantly, not just because of their technics, but also for their strong messages of the not such known life in the islands.

Here are 10 contemporary Caribbean artists you must know

Hew Locke, from Guyana

This talented sculptor has an impressive work with an exploration of western colonialism and iconography, including images of historic characters such as George Washington, J Marion Sims, Christopher Columbus, Alexander Hamilton, and Peter Stuyvesant.

Maksaens Denis, form Haiti

Recognized as the leading figure of the new media art of the Caribbean, this video and installation artist shows an interesting mixing of spirituality, queerness, politics, and performance, incorporating recycled materials and experimental music, all joined together by video distortions.


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Angel Otero, from Puerto Rico

This vivid Puerto Rican artist is known for his large-scale paintings composed entirely of oil painting hanging on the walls. His work is characterized by an interest in abstract-expressionistic and Spanish Baroque painterly traditions.

Otero has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions in such important cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Tenerife in Spain.

Sofía Gallisá Muriente, from Puerto Rico

With a particular satire, Sofía seeks to expose contradictions in cultural constructs and human behaviors placed at her art, which explores the relationship between traditions, pop culture, and political activism.

Also, Sofía is co-director of Beta-Local, a non-profit, for research, residency, and pedagogical programs, nurturing artistic communities and promoting initiatives of social intervention.

Tania Bruguera, from Cuba

This well-known artist is also a highly activist dedicated to advocacy for the marginalized, and this is obviously represented at her work, full of diverse types of installations where the artist looks to spectators get involved with her strong message.


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Hulda Guzmán, from the Dominican Republic

Recognized as one of the most iconic painters of the Caribbean, Hulda shows a challenging work combining multiple styles including historical references, looking forward to blurring the lines between the private and public spheres, shown with erotic and orgiastic scenes in tropical landscapes.

Ebony G. Patterson, from Jamaica

This Jamaican visual artist and educator, mix a variety of materials such as glitter, fabrics, toys, beads flowers and jewelry, amount other. With her work, she tries to recontextualize gender norms and explores Jamaican dancehall culture.

Daniel Lind-Ramos, from Puerto Rico

Paintings and sculptures are mostly used by this established Puerto Rican artist that also uses mixed media and an assemblage of industrial and organic elements. He has long investigated themes related to the carnivalesque, racial politics, and the diasporic experience.


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Tessa Mars, from Haiti

Due to their powerful visual language and thematic explorations with issues related to gender, politics, and popular culture, the artist’s work stands out as declarations of individual creative freedom, while connecting to her Haitian roots.

Right from her b side, this artist has an alter ego named Tessalines, that riffs on the figure of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, a Haitian Revolution leader, showing a defiant work.

Ebony G. Patterson, from Jamaica

Painter, visual, and installation artist. Ebony deals with constructions of identity, the body, black youth culture, violence, and social disenfranchisement through her art described as neo-baroque, using mixed materials like lace, beads, paper, and fabrics, among many others.

Caribbean artists are getting more attention from the art scene eyes, with a globalized world; it is good to see that every artist has its own chance to connect with other minds at any part of the globe.

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